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Not all files will be able to be fixed, but prematurely truncated files the most common error should be able to be handled. To access the polygon tool, click the "trk" label under the track tool, and it will change its function. Seamaster Pro. Note that these files do not include any time information.


This could be helpful if you want to simply place a geo-located label on a map without an associated graphic. More global coverage may be coming soon. TRK and. Here's an example. New server! Because the new machine can handle a little more stress, the upload limit in the input forms has been raised. Swiss Map Mobile. It's based on the batch geocoding utility , so it's entirely browser-based and a bit slow, but it might be helpful if you need a few high-latitude or alpine elevations that aren't covered by GPS Visualizer's built-in DEM database.

A detailed explanation is available in the Tutorials section. Yahoo's free geocoding service no longer exists. If you have older GPS Visualizer maps that need to be upgraded, read the v2 to v3 migration guide. This should make it more usable for mobile users whose browsers won't let them upload GPS data files. Many "power-user" functions still need to be tested, however. Topo maps of Europe et al.

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These are similar to the OpenCycleMap topos, but with a less bicycle-centric presentation. Thanks to Joseph Elfelt at MappingSupport. Pioneer AVIC. Once that happens, changing existing GPSV maps to the new code should be pretty straightforward -- it will just be a matter of changing a couple of URLs. Apparently GpsLogger's own export functions aren't very good and produce "chunky" tracks with no elevation data!

This should be helpful for showing multiple markers in the same location. Trk logs from Orion Electronics' "SkyTrack" devices, which are frequently used by law enforcement vehicles. These files usually have a ". However, the developer notes that it might be a lot easier to just use the "Export GPX" function!

GPS Visualizer will now honor those colors, unless you change the "Preserve colors and widths from input files" setting in the Advanced Track Options to "No. This should be helpful if you want to manually control the colors of the tracks in uploaded GPS files. Note that flickr. In the future, that code may be altered so that ALL data files not just plain text can have their type altered -- e.

Geonaute Keymaze. Those files can now be read directly by GPS Visualizer. But because pace is an "inverse" function, it will be very large when travelling at slow speeds. So you may want to manually set the maximum colorization or y-axis value when using pace on your map or profile.

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The "moving average" option in the conversion and profile forms might also be helpful. GPS Visualizer can now read the new time-stamped tracks -- but it can't create them yet. There are two versions: one is complete, the other omits place names and man-made structures. The points will also appear in Google Earth, but without the fancy Garmin icons.

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VMG is available as a colorization parameter in maps , or as an added field in plain-text conversion. They're simple text files, but with some unusual formatting that had to be accounted for.

This new feature is called The Atlas. Unlike normal GPS Visualizer maps, which are deleted after a few days, links to Atlas maps should work forever as long as your data remains online. Learn more. GPS Visualizer will try to overcome this corruption by eliminating "bad" bytes before processing your files.

As always, all formats should be automatically detected. Look for the new menu near the bottom of the "advanced options" section. In fact, if you separate a list of distances with commas e. GPS Visualizer will now read that extended data, which means it can then be used in "synthesized" names, descriptions, or labels. See the map form's help file for more info on synthesizing fields with GPS Visualizer. Read more about manually creating input files in the waypoints tutorial. This week, two more patches have been added to GPSV's code specifically to deal with more of Garmin's bugs.

Sport Tracker. Second, you can make it so tracks are not "clickable" in Google Maps; this may allow very complex maps to load a bit faster.

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Both new items are in the "advanced" track options. Garmin Edge raw. Turns out they're a lot like. In the future, updates that are posted down here will also go on the Facebook page. Wintec WBT Jeppesen FliteStar. These files normally have a.

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Note that FliteStar's route packs binary. This could be helpful if you want to show a specific location to a friend, using the background map of your choice. See the waypoint tutorial for more on customizing and fine-tuning Google Maps. Chrysler MyGig.

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Despite the waypoint-like filename suffix, these are actually time-stamped tracklogs. For the. Until now, the icons used have been the ones displayed on the GPSMAP series of devices, but now you have to option to either use the small 16x16 icons from GPSMAP , or the newer, larger 24x24 icons that come with the newer versions of Garmin's applications. Look in the "advanced" section of the waypoint section of the Google Maps form to enable the larger icons if you want them.

The appearance of the maps themselves hasn't changed, but the JavaScript commands that build the various configurable options are formatted differently. In the new format, they take up a little more room but should be a little easier to follow, and there are more helpful comments at the end of each line, in case you want to edit the HTML yourself. They're available in any color and opacity. The ellipsoid will be assumed to be WGS Routes in these files which are basically lists of waypoints should be supported as well. If you select the text in a table containing track log data on flightaware.

Excel However, copying and pasting from your worksheet into the input forms is still quicker and easier in many cases! Time stamps may or may not work properly, depending on the version. These files, typically called "gps. Note that the files must retain the default name of "RecordTrack.

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Register your account now! Conversion time depends on the source file size. Please be patient while the conversion is being processed. We are working on the performance improvement. To provide the reliable operation of the service there are limits defined for the number of conversions per day and file size per conversion. Limits depends on the Conversion Plan that you will use.

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You can check available Conversion Plans on the Pricing page. Unregistered users has the following limits: 10 conversions per day, 10 Mb per uploaded file.

Register your account now to extend the limits for free. We can help to Automate the conversion process. Find out more on this page. If you would like to convert a larger file or if you experience problems converting your file - feel free to contact us , our team is able to solve almost any conversion problem. API Documentation.